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Certain Older Gas Connectors May Be Dangerous!

Flexible gas connectors are corrugated metal tubes sometimes used to connect gas appliances to the gas piping in your home. Some older uncoated brass connectors can become brittle over time and crack, causing an unsafe situation.

To our knowledge, these connectors have not been manufactured for over 20 years but many are still in use. The older these connectors get, the greater the risk of failure.

Although not all uncoated connectors have this flaw, it is very difficult to tell which ones do. Therefore, any uncoated brass connector should be replaced immediately with either a new plastic coated brass or a new stainless steel connector. Connectors can wear out from too much moving, bending, or corrosion. Connectors should always be replaced whenever the appliance is replaced or moved from its location.

Moving the appliance - even slightly - whether to clean behind it or to inspect its gas connector, can cause the complete failure of one of these older weakened connectors, possibly resulting in a deadly fire or explosion.

Do Not Move Your Appliance To Check The Connector!

Only a qualified professional should check your connector and replace it if needed. Don't try to do this yourself!

Safety Information

Safety Information Your safety is a priority to OVG. Find more information here regarding any of these situations:

  • You suspect a gas leak
  • You will be digging
  • You have old gas connectors
  • More!

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Why Natural Gas?

Why Natural Gas?
  • Higher Quality Heat
  • Better Comfort & Lower Cost
  • A Naturally Occuring Energy Source
  • Reliable & Safe
  • Made in the USA


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Minimize Your Bills

Minimize Your Bills Did you know there are simple steps you can take to minimize your gas bill in the winter months?

  • Add Insulation
  • Check Windows & Doors for drafts
  • Inspect Your Equipment

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