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Payment Options

New Payment Option - Ohio Valley Gas Paperless Billing

Paying your Ohio Valley Gas utility bill is now easier, faster and more convenient! In addition to the payment methods currently available, now you can receive your bill online! As part of its sustainability initiatives, OVG is committed to minimizing its impact on our environment to maintain the highest level of social responsibility in our community.

OVG electronic document Delivery is more secure and more convenient than traditional mail. All your bills/statements are delivered directly into your email inbox as secure PDF documents. With one click, you can open and view your documents 24/7 from your PC, tablet or smart-phone. It is a free service--all we need is your email address! Go Paperless!

Direct Debit Payment Plan

If you are not already participating in our Direct Debit Payment Plan, we invite you to consider having your natural gas bill paid each month through an automatic deduction from your checking or savings account. This plan eliminates the need to write a monthly check, the mailing or delivering of the payment to us, and the possibility of incurring a late-payment fee due to our receipt of your payment after the Due Date.

Under this plan you will continue to receive a monthly natural gas bill so that you will know, in advance, the amount to be deducted from your Account. The withdrawal from your designated bank account will be on the Due Date, as printed on your monthly gas bill, or the first banking day AFTER the Due Date should the Due Date be a non-banking day.

To enroll, click here to download our Direct Debit Enrollment Form , fill it out and return with your next monthly payment. To assist in the verification of your banking information that you provide, please include a voided check if you are designating a checking account; a deposit slip if you are designating a savings account; or ask your financial institution for assistance in completing the Enrollment Form. This information will be maintained in the strictest of confidence.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE YOUR MONTHLY NATURAL GAS BILL PAYMENTS UNTIL YOU ARE ADVISED THAT WE HAVE COMPLETED VERIFICATION OF YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION INFORMATION.

Pay By Phone 

You can pay by phone 24 hours a day with your credit or debit card with the assurance that your transaction is secure and confidential. To pay by phone call 1-877-690-3729. Each District has their own Jurisdiction Code that has to be entered at the time of payment with your touchtone phone. The jurisdiction code is located in the Account Activity section of your billing statement. The voice response system will guide you through the step-by-step process any time of the day, seven days a week, in English or Spanish. Your payment and the convenience fee charged by Federal Payments Systems will be billed to your credit card or deducted from your checking account.  

Online with your Credit or Debit Card

You can pay online 24 hours a day using your credit or debit card - just go to the top of the page and click on Pay My Bill. This will take you to a drop-down list where you will select the district your account is in. The website will guide you through the menu-driven payment process. Your payment and the convenience fee charged by Federal Payments Systems will be billed to your credit card or deducted from your checking account. 

For what types of charges can I use these payment options?

For charges appearing on your utility bill, as well as security deposits and reconnection charges.

How much is the convenience fee?

Federal Payments Systems, the payment processing company, will charge you $1.95 or 2.5% of your bill, whichever is greater. Ohio Valley Gas receives no portion of this fee.

Which credit cards and debit cards are accepted by NCO?

You can use your VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER or American Express. 

When will I receive credit for my payment?

Payments made during the 24-hour period of 12:00 midnight - 12:00 midnight Eastern Time will be credited to your account the next business day. 

Can Federal Payments System process my security deposit installment payments?

Yes, but Federal Payments Systems will not have information regarding the details of your installment agreement, therefore such questions should be directed to the Ohio Valley Gas District Office serving you. The installment agreement is an agreement between you and Ohio Valley Gas and must be established before you make a payment. Each payment is charged the convenience fee. Ohio Valley Gas receives no portion of this fee. 

Can my Ohio Valley Gas District Office process my payments made with credit or debit cards?

Yes, Ohio Valley Gas is equipped to process your payments in each of our district offices. 

Safety Information

Safety Information Your safety is a priority to OVG. Find more information here regarding any of these situations:

  • You suspect a gas leak
  • You will be digging
  • You have old gas connectors
  • More!

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Counties Served

Darke, OH | Dearborn | Dubois | Fayette | Franklin | Greene | Jay | Knox | Perry | Pike | Randolph | Ripley | Spencer | Sullivan | Union | Vigo | Wayne
Billing or Service Questions
Portland District
Winchester/UC District
765-584-5501 or
877-853-5501 Toll Free
Connersville District
765-825-1148 or
800-326-1148 Toll Free
Tell City District
812-547-2397 or
877-842-2397 Toll Free
Sullivan District
812-268-6368 or
877-884-6368 Toll Free

OVG Payment Options
Choose any of the following options to securely pay your bill:

  • Automatic Debit
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • eBilling
  • Mail

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Why Natural Gas?

Why Natural Gas?
  • Higher Quality Heat
  • Better Comfort & Lower Cost
  • A Naturally Occuring Energy Source
  • Reliable & Safe
  • Made in the USA


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Minimize Your Bills

Minimize Your Bills Did you know there are simple steps you can take to minimize your gas bill in the winter months?

  • Add Insulation
  • Check Windows & Doors for drafts
  • Inspect Your Equipment

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