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Sewer Backup Problems

Are you experiencing problems from a "backed up" sewer line?
Has there been any recent (within the last year or so) utility work completed in your yard or adjacent area?

If you answered yes to both of the above questions, Ohio Valley Gas would like to remind you that most sewer problems are caused by tree roots or broken down sewer tiles. However, it is possible that a natural gas line (or other utility service line) could be the cause of your sewer problem.

While Ohio Valley Gas, and the contract crews we employ, take extreme care when installing underground lines, it is possible to "bore" through, or otherwise cut a sewer line while making such an installation. If this happens, a sewer problem can develop over time without any apparent cause.

If you suspect the sewer problem that you are having might be due to a recent natural gas line installation, please contact Ohio Valley Gas before digging up or attempting to clean out your sewer line. Ohio Valley Gas will investigate, at no charge to you, to determine whether or not the gas line installation damaged your sewer line. If so, we will repair the damage (or arrange to have it repaired). If the recent gas line installation is not the problem, then you will have the peace of mind to proceed with further measures to correct your problem.

Without contacting Ohio Valley Gas prior to digging up or attempting to clean out a sewer line, you could damage a natural gas line. A damaged natural gas line could allow natural gas to enter the sewer system and subsequently enter your home or other nearby homes. So, please, check with us first. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling the after hours number listed in the white pages of your local telephone directory.

Safety Information

Safety Information Your safety is a priority to OVG. Find more information here regarding any of these situations:

  • You suspect a gas leak
  • You will be digging
  • You have old gas connectors
  • More!

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Why Natural Gas?

Why Natural Gas?
  • Higher Quality Heat
  • Better Comfort & Lower Cost
  • A Naturally Occuring Energy Source
  • Reliable & Safe
  • Made in the USA


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Minimize Your Bills

Minimize Your Bills Did you know there are simple steps you can take to minimize your gas bill in the winter months?

  • Add Insulation
  • Check Windows & Doors for drafts
  • Inspect Your Equipment

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