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You will be mailed a bill for gas service each month. It will be based on the number of cubic feet of gas registered through your meter during the billing month (which will consist of approximately thirty days) adjusted for the heat value of the gas. The gas bill will be mailed (or emailed) about the same day each month and will be due about the same day each month. Each gas bill will contain the following information:
  1. Local Ohio Valley Gas office address and telephone number
  2. Dates and meter readings at the beginning and end of the billing period
  3. Total number of therms delivered during the billing period. A therm is equal to 100,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs). A cubic foot of natural gas has approximately 1,000 BTU's
  4. The rate schedule number under which you are being charged
  5. Class of service provided (Service Type)
  6. Any balance due from a previous gas bill
  7. Bill amount (Total - Net) or Budget Payment Plan (Budget) amount due (if applicable)
  8. Billing due date
  9. Date when the penalty for late payment will be added to the bill. this date will be at least 17 days after the billing date
  10. Total of bill amount and the penalty for late payment (Total - Gross)
  11. 13 month history of monthly usage and heating degree

Safety Information

Safety Information Your safety is a priority to OVG. Find more information here regarding any of these situations:

  • You suspect a gas leak
  • You will be digging
  • You have old gas connectors
  • More!

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Counties Served

Darke, OH | Dearborn | Dubois | Fayette | Franklin | Greene | Jay | Knox | Perry | Pike | Randolph | Ripley | Spencer | Sullivan | Union | Vigo | Wayne
Billing or Service Questions
Portland District
Winchester/UC District
765-584-5501 or
877-853-5501 Toll Free
Connersville District
765-825-1148 or
800-326-1148 Toll Free
Tell City District
812-547-2397 or
877-842-2397 Toll Free
Sullivan District
812-268-6368 or
877-884-6368 Toll Free

OVG Payment Options
Choose any of the following options to securely pay your bill:

  • Automatic Debit
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • eBilling
  • Mail

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Why Natural Gas?

Why Natural Gas?
  • Higher Quality Heat
  • Better Comfort & Lower Cost
  • A Naturally Occuring Energy Source
  • Reliable & Safe
  • Made in the USA


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Minimize Your Bills

Minimize Your Bills Did you know there are simple steps you can take to minimize your gas bill in the winter months?

  • Add Insulation
  • Check Windows & Doors for drafts
  • Inspect Your Equipment

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