Welcome to Ohio Valley Gas! We are committed to providing gas service to new applicants and providing additional volumes of gas to existing customers for all your commercial needs. This section will provide features for new and existing customers to better understand how Ohio Valley Gas can best serve you.

Choose Natural Gas

  • Natural Gas provides better comfort and better overall efficiency at a lower cost
  • Natural Gas is a versatile naturally occurring energy source delivered to your door
  • Americans who use natural gas aren’t subject to the whims of a foreign oil cartel. 85% of the natural gas we use is produced right here in the USA.

Natural Gas Is The “Greener Fuel”
Natural gas is, in fact, the most environmentally friendly of the various fossil fuels we use to heat and cool our homes and businesses. Installing high efficiency, energy conserving natural gas equipment is a win-win proposition. With natural gas appliances (furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, cook stoves, fireplaces, pool heaters, and grills), the users are assured of dependable home comfort and convenience, while decreasing their home’s carbon footprint for the future.

Gas Transportation
Ohio Valley Gas offers a Gas Transportation Service to our Commercial Customers – To inquire about this service contact Scott Miller, our Director of Gas Supply /Customer Relations

New Option – Ohio Valley Gas Paperless Billing
Paying your Ohio Valley Gas utility bill is now easier, faster and more convenient! Receive your statement via email and pay online. As part of its sustainability initiatives, OVG is committed to minimizing its impact on our environment to maintain the highest level of social responsibility in our community.

OVG electronic document delivery is more secure and more convenient than traditional mail. All your bills/statements are delivered directly into your email inbox as secure PDF documents. With one click, you can open and view your documents 24/7 from your PC, tablet or smart phone. It is a free service–all we need is your email address! Go Paperless!