Federal and State Tax Credits:
Energy Star Federal Tax Credits
State of Indiana Tax Credits & Incentives

Incentives are granted to Ohio Valley Gas residential or small commercial customers or developers who:
• Convert from another fuel source to natural gas, or
• Install an eligible natural gas appliance(s) in new home construction, or
• Install an eligible natural gas appliance not previously used in the home or
• Replace an existing natural gas furnace or water heater with one having a higher efficiency or energy factor as set forth below.

Incentives are also granted for the piping installation necessary for the conversion from another energy source to natural gas.

Application for Incentive(s)

Click the link below to download and view the appliances that are eligible for incentives:
Incentive Program

Please note the equipment for the installation/conversion/replacement does not have to be purchased from or installed by OVG. OVG does need to physically confirm the conversion, replacement or new appliance installation. Incentive applications are available through any OVG district office. Incentive money can be reserved for up to 60 days by completing an application.

Applicant then has 60 days for completion of the installation. If installation will not be completed within 60 days, applicant must contact OVG and request an extension of the application or incentive shall become void and the funds reserved will be released to others.

Upon completion of the installation, the customer must submit the appropriately signed reservation application form to OVG along with the applicable receipts/documentation covering the equipment installation/conversion.