Welcome to Ohio Valley Gas! We are committed to providing gas service to new applicants and providing additional volumes of gas to existing customers for space heating, cooking, water heating, clothes drying, incineration, pool heating, air conditioning, gas lighting and other uses! This section will provide quick links to features for new and existing customers to better understand how Ohio Valley Gas can best serve you.

Prospective and existing customers desiring new or additional gas service should contact their local Ohio Valley Gas office for information regarding the availability of gas for their specific situation(s).

Understanding My Bill
You will receive a bill for gas service each month. It will be based on the number of cubic feet of gas registered through your meter during the billing month (which will consist of approximately thirty days) adjusted for the heat value of the gas. The gas bill will be mailed (or emailed) about the same day each month and will be due about the same day each month. Click here for better understanding of your gas bill.

Deposit Requirements
When you apply for residential gas service you will be required to make a cash security deposit unless you can establish credit worthiness. Click here for criteria.

Billing & Payment Options
Ohio Valley Gas offers different ways for our customers to pay their gas bill. Choose one that is right for you!

• eBill – Receive an email each month when your bill is ready to view. Click here to learn more.
• Level Budget Plan – Spread your payments evenly over 12 months and don’t worry about fluctuating bills. Learn more here.
• Pay by phone with a debit or credit card. Click here for more information on debit/credit card payments.
• Pay in person at your local Ohio Valley Gas Office with debit or credit card, check or cash.

Payment Arrangements
Having trouble paying your bill? Contact your local Ohio Valley Gas office to find out more about the following options:

• Energy Assistance – Ask about eligibility for state or federal energy assistance programs.
• Payment Extension – If you are having trouble paying your bill and you need to extend the due date on your current monthly bill a payment extension might be an option for you.

Disconnect of Service
At Customer’s Request – If you want your gas service disconnected, notify OVG at least three (3) working days prior to the desired disconnect date. You will be billed for all gas metered until your service has been disconnected; however, you will not be responsible for gas used after three (3) working days from the date of your request for disconnection. Click here for more information about disconnection of service.

Reconnection of Service
If your gas service has been disconnected for nonpayment, the following will be required before the gas service will be restored:

• Payment of (or arrangements to pay) all past due bills for gas service
• Payment of (or arrangements to pay) any required security deposit
• Payment of a reconnection charge

We will restore the gas service within one working day after all obligations for the reconnection of the gas service listed above are met.